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ISO 27001 Certification and Compliance

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The ISO 27001 standard is the international standard for the development, implementation, and operation of an organisation’s Information Security Management System ('ISMS'). It provides businesses a risk driven approach to managing their information security risks whilst ensuring that management and governance support structures are in place. By gaining certification to ISO 27001 all businesses can demonstrate to their customers and potential clients that they are serious about cyber security. 

Pacific Click can help you in starting off the journey to implementing and operating an ISMS, gaining and maintaining your certification. To show you our commitment to your certification journey we can also facilitate and assist your business during the ISO 27001 audit by external certification bodies. 

We have extensive experience in certification projects helping government agencies and utilities in certification to ISO 27001 for their information systems and even SCADA systems. 

Cyber Security Policy and Framework Development

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The implementation of easy to understand, practical and crisp policies and procedures are an important aspect to running an efficient business operation. A strong security framework underpinned with pragmatic policies assists in:

  • Communicating to staff their role in cyber security and in meeting business requirements;

  • Achieve compliance and certification to standards;

  • Assist in meeting regulatory requirements; and

  • Demonstrate to customers and potential clients your business takes cyber security seriously!


We can assist your business in your governance and policy needs by:

  • Reviewing your existing frameworks and policies against the ISO 27001 standard and identify opportunities for improvement;

  • Develop a cyber security framework for your organisation based on business requirement and context;

  • Develop and/or update existing policies and procedures and assist in the review process; and

  • Assist in policy implementation.

Cyber Health Checks

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Sometimes it is hard to know where to improve if you are not aware of what are your current weaknesses and risk levels. Pacific Click assists organisations in identifying their areas of weaknesses in relation to their digital health, resilience and cyber security practices.


Our services in this area include:

  • An assessment of your compliance to ISO 27001 domains;

  • A report produced highlighting areas where your business is strong in and opportunities for improvement that can be presented to management

  • Providing practical recommendations that your business can use to move forward.

We can also cater this assessment to cover other areas where you would like to compare against such as NIST, ASD, TISN, etc standards and guidelines and SCADA systems. 

Security Assessments, IT Risk and IT Audits

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Do you have new systems, applications or vendors coming on board but uncertain what level of risks and security issues they will be introducing to your environment and business operations? Alternatively, you need to perform an IT audit to ensure your security and compliance controls have been implemented and functioning as expected but don't have the resources to perform this. 


We understand that this can be a challenge and our services in this area include:

  • Vendor assessments to ensure that your data is protected, security and contract requirements are met;

  • Risk assessments of new systems or applications about to be introduced or on-boarded to your organisation;

  • Defining security requirements including information classification and privacy to be included as part of contracts and/or system design and architecture;

  • Perform control reviews and audits based on defined audit scopes;

  • Perform security assessments of new systems and applications; and

  • Had an audit and had some findings or not compliant to standards or regulatory/legislative requirements? Don't worry we can assist you in implementing the right remediations so that it won't be a problem again. 

We can also cater this assessment to cover other areas where you would like to compare against such as NIST, ASD, TISN, etc standards and guidelines for IT and SCADA systems. 

Technical Security Testing and Configuration Checking

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With our networks and systems more connected than ever and facing sophisticated cyber security threats it is important that businesses run a comprehensive security testing and vulnerability testing program to test their systems. 

We have partnered with one of the largest cyber security companies in Australia and we can provide you with the following services: 

  • Penetration testing;

  • Vulnerability assessments;

  • Web application testing;

  • Wireless security testing;

  • Secure code reviews; and

  • Technical configuration checks of infrastructure devices and SOE/MOE builds.

Start-Up and Small to Medium Business Cyber Consulting

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With the rise of the start-up community and small to medium business driving our economy it is important that these sectors focus on cyber security and governance. We understand the need to be agile, lean and the 80/20 rule but these rules don't apply in the compliance world where anything under 100% is seen as non-compliance. 

We understand that businesses within these sectors have limited budgets for security so that's why we can tailor our services to meet your needs and identify ways to improve your security posture. If required, we are happy to look at your start-up ideas and help in launching it and provide any website or app development from one of our partners.

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